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The Fishing Hamlet

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Far in the bizarre fishing hamlet of Lorthen, strange things are occurring. Detective's Johnson and Jill have been tasked with finding out what is happening in this strange fishing town. It is up to them to solve the mystery of this town and find the folk who have disappeared. Arriving upon a hired boat, they find fisherman with bizarre skin color and scaly skin. These detectives find out Fishmen walk amungst the humans of this town, Johnson and Jill find a group of people in a warn down fishing store that is covered in web and falling apart and dwarves elves and squid men worshiping a a squid-like creature with wings and a tail made out of an alien material. This case will test these detectives. 

I built this being a fan of detective stories, squids and cosmicism and fishing thinking this would be an fun set with an out there idea. I also liked the idea of building a set with a building that is in disrepair. 

I think this will make a great set because of the fact that this is an out there idea, there is no sets dealing with cosmicism or sets with buildings that are in disrepair which would make an interesting and unique build to add to any Lego fans collection.

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