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1930's Airplane

"Here's looking at you kid", no doubt these few words just stirred a memory of one the most iconic moments in cinema. Casablanca is one of the most talked about and widely known movies of all time. Now you can re-enact this moment and create your own with this set inspired by this timeless movie. The airplane used in the movie was a 1937 Lockheed aircraft. this model is designed to look as close to this aircraft as possible. the airplane is a twin engine airplane whose distinct features include the twin prop engines and twin tail design. This model includes these classic features. For play-ability, model features removable roof, detailed cockpit, rear luggage storage, working engine props, seating for figures, and runway stairs to board and disembark the plane. set includes 4 minifigures with luggage.

shown above is the entire set with loading stairs on rollers, minifigures, and removable roof

Here is a view with the stairs up to model, and roof on so its ready to take flight.

Here we can see the detailed cockpit and the working wing and tail stabilizers, as well as pilot seating and passenger seats.

Here is a view of the passenger compartment looking to the rear of the plane. We can see the passenger seating as well as the compartment at the very rear of the plane for luggage with closing doors

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