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The Dog Park

This set is a park that has a Dog Off-Leash Area and a Park Shelter. This would make a good Lego set as there has never been a dog park lego set and it is needed. This set has 2804 pieces and the dimensions of this set is 112x80.
This set has 9 Minifigures:
  • A guy throwing the ball to his dog.
  • A guy about to throw the ball to his dog.
  • A woman collecting the ball from her dog.
  • A girl walking her dog.
  • A woman reading a book on a park bench.
  • And a family of four.
  • The dad cooking sausages on the barbecue.
  • The son being angry for getting a burnt sausage. 
  • The daughter eating a hot dog.
  • And the mum eating a sausage sandwich.
This set also has many features:
  • A park shelter with two tables and a barbecue.
  • A dog park with four obstacles for dogs including a ramp, hurdles, weave poles and a tunnel.
  • Two trees.
  • A path surrounding the Dog Off-Leash area.
  • And two park benches.
  • Seventeen tree tubes.
  • Two bubblers (water fountains).
  • Fences going around the dog park.
  • A poo bag dispenser.
  • Two drinking bowls for the dogs.

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