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Convenience Store


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My wife got the little "Friends" set with the gasoline pump and car.  She asked me for the rest of the gas station, so I built this convenience store.  Keep in mind that this is for the "Friends" line and the LEGO Digital Designer didn't have the "Friends" figures to add to the model.

Features: spacious shopping floor, shelving unit, frozen snack box, cash register, air conditioner, satellite dish, water heater, electrical control panel, male and female bathrooms, box safe, mop and mop-sink, and removable roof.

I didn't know how to drop items loosely into the model (not attached to anything) so I left them on the floor in front of the store.  From left to right there are the items for the shelving unit (top shelf to bottom shelf, back to front), items for the freezer, and items for the shelves under the cash register.  Behind the shop is the mop that belongs in the mop-sink next to the water heater.   There would also need to be a sticker for the store sign.

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