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50s Roadside Diner


Hi all! 

Continuing on with retro ideas, I present you all a roadside dinner all in that 50s/60s nostalgia glory! Red and white walls, blue leather seatings, black and white tiles, old soda machine and old jukebox inside... There are 3 minifigs - waitress, hawaii shirt driver and blonde girl. Which scenario you want to play out? Up to you! Date? Obvious setting for one! Tired traveller grabbing some snack on the road? Can be done. Two inept robbers stopped by brave waitress? Image shows it! :D


To be honest, I am very happy with system I made for walls for easy access to minifig - I think it would increase playability greatly. Oh, and happy with jukebox - spent whole evening trying to make perfect one. Car was also tricky but I think looks really unique and I am sure it can support 4 minifigs.

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