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Crocodile Locomotive SBB Ce 6/8 III


One of the most famous electric locomotive in the world, the Ce 6/8 III was the second generation of the powerful locomotive created in 1926 by the SLM (Swiss manufacture of Locomotives and Machines) for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) to be used on the mighty Gotthard-line.

With a gradient up to 2.8% and tight curves, the ramps that gave access to the Gotthard tunnel in the center of the Swiss Alps required powerful machines.

The symmetrical locomotive was splitted in three parts, with the front and rear wheels units connected to the 4 motors with a linkage, and a central section with the drivers' cabins and the transformer room. This articulated architecture with long 'noses' looking like the snout of a crocodile gave the machine its nickname.

With a weight of 126 t and an output close to 2,700 kW, it was the most powerful electrical locomotive in the world.

Remotely controlled, the 1:38 model is motorized by two M-Motors, while the battery pack and the infrared receiver are located in the central section.

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