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The Car Wash


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It is time to make a stop to clean the car and what better place than the car wash that is next to the music store.

A site that is recognized from a distance because it has a giant guitar that announces the place.


It is an Art deco tropical building style of the late 50s similar to the style of the official set 10260

(Downtown diner) that I find spectacular, and had the need to make an add on for it.


On the ground floor we have outside the car wash with hose, water, taps, buckets, soap,

sponges and an industrial vacuum cleaner, inside, a large music store with many records and a typical

decoration of the time.


On the first floor we have a more comfortable area to listen to the records and on

the outside the great guitar.


On the second floor, the studio of the musician, where he composes his songs and signs

the discs of his fans, there are also some of his prizes like the guitar and the golden statuette

The ceiling reveals a glazed space for more light.


The set includes 5 minifigures a puppy and a car.

-Rocker and composer
-Owner of the music store
-Woman with a bag
-Baseball player

Hope you like this Idea, the latest of 2018, i need to thanks all the supporters and staff for this great Lego year.

Hope you have a great 2019, see you next year. Thanks.


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