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Gemini Capsule With Titan II Booster & Agena


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Mercury, Gemini, Apollo.
The Three original NASA programs.
There are already Apollo Lego sets, and so I thought that I should make a Gemini lego project that would round out the Lego Space lineup!

Many people think of Gemini as a go-between program between Mercury and Apollo, but it was so much more!
With Gemini America finally got ahead of the soviets and practiced all the essential maneuvers needed for the Apollo missions to succeed, such as Spacewalks/EVAs (Gemini 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12), rondezvous (Gemini 7/6, and 9) docking with another spacecraft, (Gemini 8, 10, 11, and 12), and long duration stays in space! (Gemini 5, 7)

In this model I have the Gemini Capsule (254 bricks), the Titan II Booster with separating stages (995 bricks) and stand (28 bricks), and Agena Docking Vehicle (166 bricks)!

The total amount of bricks in this set rounds to 1190 bricks, and has everything you need to re-enact all 10 Gemini Missions! With memorable moments from Ed White's Space Walk to Neil Armstrong's Harrowing mission that nearly ended in disaster to even the lighthearted moments like John Young's infamous turkey sandwich he managed to smuggle into space!

Thanks For Clickin' and keep on brickin'!

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