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Giant Hornet


The giant hornet, also known as hornet japanese, is the largest hornet in the world. Its body is about 50 mm long and has a wingspan of about 76 mm, the size of 5 bees put together .

All children, or nearly, they are intrigued by the world of insects, and when they discover the existence of giant hornets will remain inevitably fascinated, just as happened to me, the problem is that I realized this when i was already 30 years while I thumbed through the pages of a magazine for kids.

As for the flower represented by me, he wanted to be as identical to the flowers of thistles that I used to see in the summer in the vineyards of my grandfather when I was a child I went to see him.

I hope will be an interesting Ideas Lego set because it represents what is most beautiful in the world exists, or the beauty of nature, which now many children born and raised in the city have never seen.

So I hope will be interesting not only for children but also for their nostalgic parents.

Constructively it is a set that consists of few pieces and for which there are no special construction techniques, therefore it define a Friendly set suitable to a wider age range.

The set consists of:

  • one or two hornet if possible.

  • a seedling thistles formed two flowers.

If you are a nature lover.

If you are interested in a set with small dimensions you can also keep on their desk.

Supported my project.

Thanks a lot to everyone.

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