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Trick-or-treat! Tired of giving out candy for Halloween? Ever wished you could give out LEGO instead? Now's your chance with Brick-or-Treats: the set that comes with individual Halloween builds to give in place of candy. Better yet, these Halloween gifts won't spoil. You can save leftovers for next year or build them yourself!

These are the perfect alternative to overloading kids with sugar; send them off with festive builds instead! You'll find joy introducing kids of all ages to your favorite toy, opening them to the creative world of LEGO. Kids will flock to your door as you quickly become known as the cool house that gives out LEGO!

Find your favorite characters and Halloween traditions in these adorable tiny creations. Not into trick-or-treating? Use them similar to an advent calendar but for Halloween as you count down to one of your favorite holidays.

Why are the builds so small? The number of pieces in each build ranges from 9 to 31. The reason is to hit a size and price range similar to a bag of candy bars.  

Thanks for visiting Brick-or-Treats. Let me know your favorite build in the comments!

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