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The Blackbird


This set contains a very advanced fighter jet with numerous weapons and defenses. The Blackbird is 17 in. long, 5 in. tall and 7 in. wide. This set is unique in many ways, having unusual windows and engines. The engines are created using the inside of a tire and a long pole. The docking station contains a gas station, a repair area, and a control panel. The jet has a giant gunning system, including 8 different types of guns, and a laser. 4 of these are on a main blaster, which hangs off the right of the jet.

The set comes with one character, the pilot, plus a docking station and cart, and of course, the jet. The Blackbird has a distinct color scheme, having only dark grays, black, and a blue windshield. The character cannot go in the plane, however, he can drive the cart. This jet is not based on any real life jet that I know of, except for the shape, which comes from a real life military jet.

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