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Honey I Shrunk the Kids.


Honey, I shrunk the kids,
a cult film which rocked my generation and which continues to make me happy today.
I really find the story incredible and the concept of the film fantastic.
The last time I saw it I thought it would be epic to realize it in Lego.

So I first asked myself what would be the best scene to reproduce and for me it seemed quite logical to do the mythical scene which opposes the courageous and friendly little ant against the terrifying scorpion. All surrounded by giant grass and overlooked by the iconic blue 2x3 brick.
Children are of course part of it as well.
This project is for me like a tribute to this masterpiece of the 7th art.
My way of saying thank you for having made us dream during our childhood. I hope that my Lego set will animate the nostalgia of people of my generation and that new generations will discover and love this great story.
For all these reasons, I think this idea would make a great Lego set.

Let me introduce my set in detail.
I created a scene bringing together the terrifying scorpion and the cute ant with the possibility of putting a saddle on it.
A big, really big 2X3 brick where kids can hide, tall grass that can be hinged in any direction.
Thanks to numerous joints and transparent supports, you can arrange the scorpion and the ant in the position you want.
Each of the figurines has a torch so as not to get lost in the immensity and darkness of the garden :)

A presentation panel is included with the possibility of placing it on each side of the set to present it at home in the direction you want.
For a total of 3000 pieces, this set guarantees hours of fun.

I hope you enjoyed my project and its presentation. Feel free to share on social networks and in your entourage.
Thank you for your vote and consideration, feel free to leave a comment of appreciation.  

I count on your votes and don't forget to check out on my other projects :)


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