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Modular Lego Dojo


Here I've made a Lego Dojo that manages to stand on its own, or fit in with the modular building line. 

It is a simple one story building with a floor to have class on, some chairs for parents/visitors to watch, two changing rooms (boy/girl), a couple kicking targets and a hanging flag. Right now the building says "Tae Kwon Do" on the front, but in a hypothetical release it could come with either multiple printed pieces or stickers so it could say "Tae Kwon Do", "Karate", "Kung Fu" or maybe another common martial art. Along with the extra tile on the outside, the flag on the inside (seen as the blank white piece through the windows) could also be interchangeable to represent the countries of each art: South Korea for Tae Kwon Do, Japan for Karate, and China for Kung Fu. 

On top of the building is a greenhouse with bonsai trees and shrubbery within. Out back is a dumpster with some scaffolding to reach the buildings roof. As you can see by the photos, it fits in excellently with the other buildings in the modular building line, although it still looks great on its own.

Suggested minifigures are not shown, but one can imagine a various mix of genders, belt/sash color and rank, and races included. Maybe even a young student with short legs. I see the building coming with a master instructor, three to five students, and maybe a set of grandparents and a young mother with a baby to watch. 

The piece to make the Ying Yang is a 4 x 4 round plate and the hope is that it could be printed or dual molded in such a way to represent the symbol. If that is something that cannot happen, it could easily be printed on a different piece, such as the 4 x 4 round dish instead.

My intent was to keep the piece count low to make a great entry level modular building that also works on its own. As such the final build is only in the 1200 piece range and that could be reduced, making a price of $100 entirely feasible. I restricted myself to almost entirely existing pieces, but with a few strategic building techniques and new recolors I believe a price point of $80 or less is within reach.

I have done martial arts for nearly half of my life and I've helped teach countless students. Although many people don't stick with it, I've found that most people have at some point in their life tried some form of martial art. I myself have black belts in two different arts and have substantial experience in one other, in addition to experimenting with more. I think this build would be great because it's something that families could build together and could help encourage young students who eagerly attend martial arts classes. At the school where I teach we have many parents who take classes with their kids, what could be better than giving them the chance to go home and spend time together building a place for their Lego figures to train?

I hope you've enjoyed my project! Check out some of my others, including King Krentz's Castle Keep and Lars Homestead!

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