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NerdStick Stylus


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Introducing: the NerdStick, the brick-built stylus in the NerdTech Series! It is designated with the 'Nerd' prefix rather than the standard 'Brick' prefix, as it is meant to accompany any of my touch screen smart devices, such as the BrickPhoneBrickTab, and BrickWatch!

This set is composed of 233 total pieces: 6 colorful styli, each made of 19 pieces, and a unique stylus holder that is made of 117 parts. Each brick-built stylus is not only the size of a real life stylus, but also features a clip and a tip that looks like a microfiber tip! Each one is lightweight and easy to tote around in your exclusive carrying case. The case has fold-out stands to set up the case on your desk or table, slots and color tiles for each of the colorful styli, and a belt clip on the back for when you're on the go. If you have a BrickPhone, BrickTab, or BrickWatch, then this is a must-have accessory!

Special thanks to catznbears for the idea and Mr. Roy for the project name!

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