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Serpent of the Aegean

Introducing the "Serpent of the Aegean" - Based off the design of the common Athenian fleet galley from the Peloponnesian War, circa 431 BCE. 

<font color="#313131">A quick note about photographs - I do not own a professional camera or pro digital editing equipment, all pictures were taken from my iPhone. My apologies if the quality is less than ideal on some devices, I am currently working to get better pics. Now, for the description:

Since my introduction to the LEGO world as a young child, I've always dreamed of owning an ancient seafaring ship. Unfortunately, the "LEGO Vikings" line came just a few short years before my introduction to the hobby, and no official ancient ships have been produced since then. I bought many a pirate ship, as they were the next best thing, but my lust for a true ancient ship LEGO model never subsided. So, at the age of 17 in my final year of genuine childhood, I decided to make this dream a reality and create a ship of my own design. I hope to see this idea become a product reality, to fulfill the dreams of all the other ancient world loving children out there. I see plenty of adults being able to enjoy this model as well, for I crafted it with both display and play in mind (something for each age group).

I drew heavy influence from the Ancient Greek world as mentioned, best seen through the bridge design, bow, ram, oars, and single sail. All of which were prominent features of Greek war vessels in this era. This ship isn't flying the colors of either Sparta or Athens, so It's most likely the crew is a band of Aegean Sea pirates - or whatever you wish to imagine! I like to imagine this vessel was crafted in the shipyards of Patrai, the shipbuilding capital of Ancient Greece.

I also took inspiration from the stereotypical Nordic/Viking ship design in a few places, most notably the shields lining the ships hull and the serpent glyph on the sail. The glyph depicts the legendary “Midgard Serpent,” pulled straight from Nordic legend. The sail itself comes straight from set 7018, the viking ship I always dreamed of owning as a child. Even thought this is mostly a Greek ship, it only felt right to use a sail from the LEGO line that inspired me to build this nautical vessel in the first place.

The world hasn't seen anything similar to this in LEGO form since "LEGO Vikings" ended in 2007, and to my knowledge, LEGO has never released any sets based on the Ancient Greek world. As a product, I firmly believe this model would be a fresh face on the market and attract many children and adults alike. I thank you for any support that helps this dream become a reality for fans across the world! 

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