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No Man's Sky: The Radiant Pillar BC1

Just because you found it crashed and in need of some serious repairs, doesn't mean this Fighter-Class Starship is a hunk of junk! Escape the atmosphere of Soleth Prime and glide across the stars in your very own minifigure scale rendition of the iconic Radiant Pillar BC1. The stars you visit are like sand on a beach. What are you waiting for? Just watch out for those pesky Sentinels!

This model of the Radiant Pillar BC1 was made as a tribute not only to the space exploration game 'No Man's Sky', but also to the journey the game and the community have made for almost 7 years.

This set has a detailed cockpit and is retractable, it won't only be a must-have for fans of 'No Man's Sky', but also a treat for LEGO Space fans. The starship includes some amazing angles that any LEGO enthusiast would enjoy. This is certainly a model that will be remembered.

This model includes:
  • 1 Traveller minifigure with multi tool and exosuit.
  • The Radiant Pillar BC1.
  • 1 Sentinel drone with an additional red stud for hostile mode.

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