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LEGO Tissue Box Cover


What is my LEGO model?

I have built an elaborate and colorful LEGO tissue box cover perfect for any LEGO lover. It features a blue and green striped pattern on the top with accents of neon green and red. This tissue box cover fits tissue boxes that are 10.5 in x 6 in. 

Why I built a tissue box cover?

In my office I found that my tissue box's designs were old and outdated. The color and design pattern on the tissue box did not pair well with the room. So, I built a LEGO tissue box cover customized to my office's color and theme.

Why do I believe my model will make a great Lego set?

I believe that everyone should be able to decorate their home with art pieces that describe who they are and what they love. What better way to show that than theming your home with LEGO accents? This product will surely be perfect for any LEGO lover theming their home with LEGOs.

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