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Modular Coffee Shop

Welcome to the home of LEGO's best coffee! Had a long day working in the city? Come on by and have a cup of joe while you mingle with your pals.

Has two floors for double the play


The first level is a place to buy coffee! In front are two tables for outdoor enjoyment, and two indoor tables for cold days.


Second floor = more seating! Two tables and a couch! Also, a side table with 4 seats.

COFFEE sign in front of shop
A giant model of a cup of coffee
Top roof includes a factory chimey
and, CONNECTS with other models!

UPDATE: I forgot to add the technic pieces, so I've finally done that

The second floor is a sanctuary for enjoying a hot cup of coffee and FREE WI-FI

Long day at work calls for coffee with caffeine

To address the stairs issue, I've finally made the stair hole bigger so that minifigures can actually fit!

Includes blender, cabinets, and 2 coffee makers!

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