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Baba Yaga



Wow, already 2000 votes!
Thank you for such great support!

And here is an illustration of the fairy tale Baba Yaga stylized in the style of the Russian artist Ivan Bilibin.


Spooky version

And this is how the first version of the set looked like
A fence made of bones and a skull on a stick - all this corresponds to the Russian folk tale about Baba Yaga.
But of course, this is too dark for a lego set, so the final project is more joyful.


Baba Yaga style

In this illustration, you can see Baba Yaga with her traditional hairstyle.
She appears with such a scarf on her head in illustrations, cartoons, and films.
But according to the rules, I cannot use custom parts. That's why I replaced it in my project with an already existing Lego part.

Anyway, I would like to show you the real style of Baba Yaga.

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