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General Electric GEnx Test Facility + Engine


General Electric - An Aircraft Engine manufacturer


General Electric aircraft engines have been know in the aviation industry for a very ling time. Engines powering the Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787 and most Airbus aircraft. The company is also known for making the largest aircraft engine in the world! The GE9X, Going to power the upcoming Boeing 777X 



Model Features:

Full Engine Testing facility (Fire extinguishers, Computers and stats screen, Noise alert system, and test dome to collect data)

Aircraft Engine included

Change the engine from Testing to In-service

Wind Tunnel Included

Full interior of Engine (Gears and turbines) 

This engine represents the GEnx 1/2B Engine.

This model would have to be one of the first Aircraft Engine Lego Sets proposed to Lego Ideas. I know it is only an LDD image but in future updates, you may see it in Lego form!!


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