Product Idea

Scale minikits Republic and seperatists

This 6 minikits are all in the same scale, so the proportions o ships are right!

The set includes 2 minikits of Republic starships and 4 ships of the seperatists.

the republic ships:
- Republic attack starcruiser venator class
- Republic assault ship acclamator class

The ships of the seperatists:
- Droid assault ship
- Droid fregade
- seperatist attack cruiser (Grievous´s "invisible hand")

- droid control ship

droid assault ship is about 5.6 cm long and the droid control ship about 40 cm long.
the control ship has moveable laser cannons, moveable antennas and a removable Bridge and Gangway (between ship and bridge).

So, if you want to replay space battle scenes from star wars and clone wars, this is the perfect set for it!!!!!