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Dragon Tamers


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This is a collaborative project by nunki-psi and AndrewBrick820.

We decided to create a playable set based on a fantasy world. We aimed to present some dragon-action placed in a bountiful landscape. We also tried to keep the brick count as low as possible. The result is 698 pieces.


This is the story of two fearless adventurers that set out to discover a treasure. They had heard rumors about a treasure in a dragon´s hoard deep in the marshes. Equipped with sword and bait, they went to explore the marshes and finally found the hoard! But no, there are two young dragons guarding the hoard! Will they succeed and tame the dragons?

The set contains:

•             young blue dragon

•             young red dragon

•             male adventurer

•             female adventurer

•             skeleton

•             landscape with hoard

•             treasure

•             bait

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