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LEGO Universe: Venture Koi

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This ship was an iconic symbol of LEGO Universe and was seen in the LEGO Universe cinematic trailer. Features include escape/landing pods, a rotating communications sensor dish, some basic weapons systems, a hyperdrive engine and 3 imagination engines! Inside there is a cargo bay with crates, a cockpit, and rooms on two level towards the rear of the ship. I designed my own interior but I hope for LEGO's own designers to improve on it.  As for the rest, I hope for LEGO to make the ship more structurally secure but keep the aesthetic design of the ship so we can all enjoy a little piece of the greatest LEGO game ever made.

As for minifigures, it could come with the four explorers, Duke Exeter, Dr Overbuild, Hael Storm and Baron Typhonus or maybe a crew of Nexus force astronauts and pilots if it is a later version of the ship but I leave this open such that you may suggest a crew for the ship yourselves based on what is collectively most wanted.

Thanks for viewing my project and please support! I hope we can do it this time!

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  1. The model fully updated
  2. The original creation for the model with an alternative identity to for the ship as well as a interesting backstory.

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