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minecraft snow world!

Hey all you minecraft fans who are also LEGO fans will love this set. This set is crative and created by me. This set has openings under ground to have steve mine if you would like. This is the snow version. So you have your cabin(house), your water that's ice, and a real
minecraft mountain. I also added a new feature to the lego steve, he now has an
extra piece allowing him to put wepons and such in his (fake) hand. The people of lego would like another lego minecraft set. If you guys can help me, i will really appreciate it.

Obviously, the creeper and steve lego minifigs will have face printing.
Take a look at a couple of the pics of this set:

Here is a closeup on the ice part.

Now here are the minifigs. Now you can see the extra piece to the lego steve.

Now heres the mining part(inside).

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