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Fortress Caribbean Imperial


The pirates are back, but without their opponents it will never be as it once was ... legendary!
I present to you the Caribbean fort of the imperial forces. The majesty and firepower of this fort are known by anyone who navigates the oceans.
The fortress has batteries of cannons, a cell, a bell to sound the alarm, a winch and many nice little animals. The classic treasure chest full of gold coins certainly cannot.

Set certainly well matched to the new 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

On the winch I could not put the rope, so for the renderings I put a chain.

The set has 1059 pieces and has 5 minifigures, 1 captain, 2 soldiers and 2 pirates.

If you have any advice or suggestions from the community I am happy to listen to you and try to improve this Lego idea.

Cheers everybody

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