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Hot Rod


HOT ROD The idea that I am presenting is a handcrafted hot rod. I create this design with the highest level of playing possibilities and changes, you can modify almost everything. Its steering is connected to the steering wheel at the pilot cabin. The cabin was conceived to be an old American hot rod one.

Some adaptations/changes you can get easily are:

• The cover of the trunk can be opened and closed easily

• Become a supercharger

• Twin turbos

• Two different spoilers and a convertible roof

• Big exhaust pipes and nitro tank My inspiration were handcrafted hot rods and classic American cars, and V8 engines, really big V8 ones.

A hot rod means a car or truck with engine modifications, the most known ones are the 30s American hot rods or 40s and 50s pickup trucks. My first and original idea became in this model after so many changes and time until I reach up to this amazing car. Detailed description It is a white car with black details that represent a sport car image (although any contrast of colors could be appropriate), with a big V8 engine with a red distribution band at the front and visible gears connected to the engine, a grey carburetor filter at the right side with a conical shape, and hoses that are connected to the exhaust pipes to the back. Circular lights at the back of the frontal grid represent a classic hot rod style. I add rearview mirrors with one extra at the top of the driver mirror. The taillights are red little ones between the exhaust pipes, and a stop light between the spoiler’s bases. The back wheels are bigger than the front ones to improve traction force. Doors open to the back featuring a customized car.

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