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Rotary Dial Telephone

Rotary Dial Telephones
On the rotary phone dial, the digits are arranged in a circular layout so that a finger wheel may be rotated with one finger. Starting from the position of each digit and rotating to the fixed finger stop position, the angle through which the dial is rotated corresponds to the desired digit.

The project
The phone in this project is based on telecommunication devices from the 1960-1980s. One phone consists of 340 parts. This project shows three different colored versions of the rotary dial telephone: black, red and dark azure. Please don't forget to choose your favorite color! I'm also working on a flexible cable option. I will share this update whenever we reach our first milestone.

Let's celebrate the history of telecommunication and make this a real LEGO set.
Don't forget we need 10.000 supporters to get the chance of making this a real set. Support and share this project with fellow Lego enthusiasts!

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