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Ninjago Modular: Laughy's Karaoke Club

Dear builder,

So, this is my first ever project on Ideas - Laughy's Karaoke Club from Ninjago. This build is based mainly on season 8 from the show but also includes several Easter-eggs to other seasons too.

This build has around 1900 pieces. The building itself splits into three parts: Laughy's Karaoke Club, Dareth's apartment and the roof.

- - -

Laughy's Karaoke Club

Inside the club, there is a pool table, a jukebox and a stage, where Rocky Dangerbuff can make a fool of himself. If you go up a flight of stairs, you will see some seats to sit at and enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail with your friends. In the alleyway behind the club, there are two dumpsters. Beside them are a can of shaving cream and a trash lid, which one can recognise from season 8, when Rocky Dangerbuff suggests Zane to use these as part of his disguise.

Dareth's Apartment

Inside Dareth's apartment, one can notice all kinds of different references to the show. Some include, a Starfarer comic, pictures and posters of Gayle Gossip and the Helmet of Shadows from season 2. Gayle Gossip is also seen reporting news on the TV. Like in the club, Dareth is also displaying some of his fake trophies here.

The roof

On the roof, Dareth hides his small garden, filled with different potted plants. Here we can also see a large billboard taken from the latest season - Crystalised.

The minifigures

The 8 minifigures that make a crucial part of this project are Kai, Detective Zane, Cole's alias - Rocky Dangerbuff, 2 variants of Dareth, Gayle Gossip, Vinny and a henchman.

- - -

Thank you for stopping by. If you want this modular building to be part of your collection, consider supporting this project and sharing it with your friends.

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