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Dodge Challenger


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Dodge Challenger Description

General Specifications

This is the Dodge Challenger in a smaller scale. It includes the car, a driver, and a place where you can keep them all. There are 2 options for customizing your car and 2 for your driver. Everything is at your choice. 

For the car:

You can have a spoiler on your car

This car has got 10 blocks high

For the driver

The driver can have hair or a driving helmet.


I decided to build it because I love cars & Legos. I started with creating a car, while i had an idea: to build a Dodge. I spend a lot on creating and designing even is a small car,. but the result was great (in my opinion - if you like it too, you can support this project).


I think it would be a great Lego set because it is a collection car and the design (even it's small) is great.

This may be small, but it is powerfull. :) #Dodge

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