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Sci-Fi Fire Service - Helicopter

The Fire Service of the Future

This is a futuristic LEGO fire service rescue chopper, which was inspired by a project I am currently doing for my Masters in Automotive Design.

My major project is a LEGO based project, for which I am exploring the various ways in which people play with LEGO, and designing a new vehicle based LEGO theme that satisfies as many of these play styles as possible.

One of my project proposals is a Sci-Fi LEGO City. The idea behind this is that it could be good for children to see vehicles such as helicopters, buses and diggers and other vehicles that I recognise today morphed into a more futuristic style. This could show them that all things change, and that as they grow older, they should embrace change, not fight against it.

This LEGO Chopper is a model proposal for that Sci-Fi City theme. It contains 711 pieces, and features numerous functions including:

- Spinning rotor blade at the turn of a gear

- Adjustable jets and wings

- Landing gear

- Detachable escape pod

- Detachable Stretcher Pod

- Opening cockpit and rear flap

- Posable water jets

Model measure over 46cm long, 35cm wide and 10cm tall (13.5cm with landing gear extended).

Please do excuse the rather rough main image. This was one of my first attempts at rendering one of my models. You might be wondering why I chose to upload such a rough image, and it's because I wanted to use it as a kind of distress beacon! If you are a competent POV-RAY user, then some guidance, hints and tips on how to use it would be much appreciated!

If you are interested in my LEGO Masters project, feel free to have a look at my website (link is at the bottom of the description). There are other LEGO projects on there as well, including some of the projects that I have already uploaded to LEGO Ideas. You can also see all of my other automotive design projects from my time as a design student.

Thanks in advance for the support and feedback.


Archie Graham   

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