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Railway Maintenance Train


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Unlike my former train projects this one is my first attempt at a complete train set with tracks, PF, and playable rolling stock. The set focuses on railway signal lamp maintenance and includes everything that is necessary to change, repair, or just check high railway structures.

My two favorites are the engine itself (her name is Brighty) and the scissor lift car. The inspiration for the engine came from the building technique of the sloped side window panels. That was the starting point and the whole engine was designed around those sloped pieces. Funny isn’t it?

The scissor lift train started her life as a wagon platform for testing the smallest scissor structure I can build.  After many (big, ugly and fragile) versions I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and finally somehow everything stood together and became stable. A mini actuator pulls and pushes the beams and the service platform lifts up or down slowly.

The crane car not only loads and unloads goodies but also has a dropped bed to carry anything you need in particular in this set the lamp structures in special console boxes.

The truck transports the lamp head units but its flat bed with folding side panels enables it to carry any proper sized cargo.

Finally the signal lamp. Yes, we need one to maintain, change, or repair.

I hope you will like it and at least it inspires you to create even better MOCs.

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