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A day of Golf

This build is not one of my usual car builds. In this build, there is a golf cart, a piece of land and a golfer. I first built the golf cart but added the extra part to make it less boring. You can fit 2 golf bags at the back of the cart, and 4 clubs clipped to the roof. The golf bags fit 1 club each. The cart seats up to 3 minifigs. The golf bags have 1x1 roof slopes so you can stand them up at an angle.
Included in this build:
  • A piece of land to display on
  • A Club Car inspired golf cart
  • 2 clubs
  • 2 golf bags
  • 1 golf ball
  • 1 golf player minifigure.
I hope you guys like the build, make sure to check out my other submissions!

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