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Ice Cream Stand


Built from about 600 pieces, this build represents a small, roadside ice cream stand with a quaint patio for customers to enjoy their frozen treats. For the interior, theres space for a minifig, plus the cash register and ice cream counter. Outside, the patio is decorated with flowers and an area for sitting. On the roof, theres a large ice cream cone to catch the eyes of passerby.

This build was complex due to the fact that it required lots of building on jumper plates and at different angles. This was also one of my first indulges into designing my own graphics for digitally rendered builds. I tried to use colors that complemented each other, and are not typically used in builds. If this build gets some attention, which I'm hoping it does, I will try to regularly update it with improvements as I see necessary. 

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment and I will take it into consideration. Until then please check out some of my other builds and contest entries. Thanks for your support! -J.K.

Last updated 5/24/19

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