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LEGO Golf Course

This is a LEGO golf course that is actually playable. Not only do you get to enjoy the actual building of the model, but you can also play with it with your family and freinds to see who gets the best scores.
There are three holes included in the model that each have a different design and have different challenges. Each hole gradually gets harder as you go.
To play the game you simply put your figure on the studs sticking up on the course, and by rotating the wheel on the side it rotates the figure so that you can hit the ball in the hole. Once you get it in the hole, the ball will pop out of the side.
The golf course also has a motor that you can turn on to make the windmill turn.
I think this could be a fantastic LEGO set that you can enjoy with your friends and family. So help me make this a real LEGO set. Thanks for your support.

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