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The Highland Rock Lodge


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Thanks for coming to my idea!

Alpine rock house, a design from an imaginative IP called Edge Series: Houses on the edge of the table.

So, the design is meant to be placed on the edge of any table shelf, not to be played with. It is a decoration purpose only, since a house being slightly held on an edge can fall easily.

Why is it called the "Edge Series"? My idea is that LEGO starts a new IP for adults, in which all of its products have the property of coming out of the edge of the furniture. I imagine that, in a way, this could be a kind of collection like 'LEGO City. That’s why I will submit more entries developing this same idea on my profile.

The exterior of The Highland Rock Lodge:

This design takes inspiration from the yet known alpine house style, here taking a twist with the colors and placement.

The combination of the rock work and the house on the top creates the feeling that ''The Highland Rock Lodge' is actually hanging off from the edge of the table.


- Contains around 1150 pieces.

- The weights are thought to provide the balance needed for the build to stay still on the edge of the table or shelf. No worries about adding extra weights or glue. Also, there is a firm structure inside the build to keep the rock from falling.

- The design shown on the images is not complete at its fullest, it is still in progress. So there are a lot of clipping bricks and parts without any suggestions.

- despite not adding much to this submission, I added the concept art anyways.

-The part that goes under the table can be adjusted manually so that it can fit on any table or shelf with these characteristics. I have to work on it again because the idea is there but not the mechanism, so I guess it will come for the next update!

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