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Cosplay Characters


Cosplay Characters

 You may possibly read something about a prodigy kid detective who solving mystery at the old millionaire’s mansion. Or, who watching trainer that challenge an opponent with monster to win the game in battle arena. Or play the huntress searching for magic items in castle courtyard to defeat next level creatures. From science fiction to fantasy, an adventure to mystery. Maybe, it’s a video game RPG (Roll Playing Games).
  If it's an animation/anime, comic/manga or internet favorite characters you saw in costumes at the convention shows. You might like this little set.
 I design the display and minifigures to called it Cosplay Characters.
These three different special stages made for cosplayers Minis: [6x8 plates]
Reading Room: The first one is set-up as a mystery room, bookshelf, reading chair and writing table with a hidden little secret.
Battle Arena: The next display looks like something from future arena or inside of a videogame world while battling a hologram character monster.
Castle Courtyard: The third final is a Castlevania style haunted ruins castle courtyard surrounding deadly Moon Roses.
Kid Detective
The Invention with Hyper-power Skateboard
Mons’tech Trainer with Mons’tech
 *Note: You also can mix and match or you preferred using your minis collections to display any stages.

Fun Bonus:
E.R.I.C:  Extra Robot for Ideas Character
To celebrate 10 years Lego Ideas, I added this little robot to be in the set for extra.

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