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The Opera

Thanks for coming to my product idea!

Welcome to 'The Opera', a cultural landmark of LEGO City where passion for art continues!

Build your own romantic LEGO city full of beautiful melodies and dances centering on 'The Opera', a place where you can meet various beautiful musicals around the world!

This project started with the desire to build a LEGO city with an opera house because I love musicals so much.

So I tried to design a magnificent and beautiful opera house where beautiful musicals can be performed.

And my own beautiful opera house was completed to 'The Opera' through LEGO.

  • Exterior of 'The Opera'

'The Opera' features a splendid appearance centering on the shining angel statue between the spire roofs.

And red placards hanging in front of the builing and on the streetlights welcome visitors to 'The Opera'.

  • Interior of 'The Opera'

In the lobby on the first floor, there are luxurious chandeliers and stairs to the main hall on both sides.

And in the lobby on the second floor, there are candle-shaped lights on the wall and white marble floors.

Lastly, the main hall consists of a stage and audience seats as a whole.

On the first floor of the main hall, there are stages decorated with red luxurious curtains, orchestra box and audience seats.

And on the second floor of the main hall, there are box seats (private room), audience seats and chandeliers on the ceiling.

  • Overall structure

The front of 'The Opera' is divided into floors so that the inside could be seen by floors.

And the back of 'The Opera' can be opened wide so that the main hall can be seen openly.

  • Information

- Contains 2999 pieces

- A two-story building centered on the main hall

- Minifigure : 'The Opera' manager

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