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Disney - Moana - Tamatoa the Crab in the Realm of Monsters

All hail Tamatoa the gargantuan coconut crab, who is unarguably the best character from Disney's Moana.
He sits on top of his pile of shiny treasure, he is an avid collector and hoarder of all things treasure, Tamatoa covers his shell with all his most prized possessions including Maui's magical fish hook. 
Tamatoa sits in the Realm of Monsters, ready to protect his treasure from anyone who dares to challenge him. 
This Lego set has playability in mind, Tamatoa's legs, arms and claws are all movable so he can be placed into multiple different poses, ready to challenge anyone who approaches.
This set would also serve as a fantastic decoration piece around any house with its bright eye catching colours. 
So get ready to play Tamatoa's catchy song about all things shiny and recreate one of the best scenes from Disney's Moana. 

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