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Minecraft World + UPDATES

NEW Ender Dragon!

NEW Iron Golem!

Lego's and Minecraft, a perfect match. I catch myself playing both all the time but why not combine them? Just like any kid out there, I grew up in the 90's with a ton of Lego sets and was constantly asking everyone I knew, "What should I build next?" This was kind of no-brainer. I wanted to capture as much detail as I could out of the Minecraft game and bring it to life!

An upgrade on the micro-world currently in production. These are much larger and more detailed and include a combination of lego pieces and decals. Everything is created out of original Lego's. I created decals that I wrapped bricks with to give it the perfect look. Almost all the figures, including the animals have pivoting heads. This set is about 225 pieces in total for now.

All the animals with the exception of the pig have pivoting heads.

Here's my first model of the Ender Dragon! What do you think?

The blocks are also Lego's.

Iron Golem - Still needs some work on the face and maybe some body decals.

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