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Spooky Cottage


The Spooky Cottage is a little house full of monsters and scary stories. The project includes the Spooky Cottage, the Scary Cemetery and the Creepy Cabriolet.

When you open the Spooky Cottage you find four rooms, each with its own monster and story.

1) The Laboratory of the Mad Scientist. He is trying to transform a normal person into a Zombie. 

2) The Balcony of the Vampires. Lady and Lord Vampire use their balcony to watch the countryside and look for their next victim. They have a coffin to rest.

3) The Kitchen of the Witch. She is breawing a magic potion to get eternal youth, but lacks a final ingredient, the tears of an innocent child.

4) The crypt of the hidden treasure. A skeleton warrior has been taken care of this treasure since time immemorial.

The Scary Cemetery is guarded by the werewolf. It is inhabited by two tormented ghosts, and if you open the graves then you can find their skeletons.

Lord Vampire owns a Creepy Cabriolet that he uses to tour the countryside at high speed.

In Halloween two children come to the Spooky Cottage to ask for candy. What terrible adventures have here?

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