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This project is a model of my workplace. I work for an ultra trace analysis laboratory of Persistent Organic Pollutants and emerging organic contaminants. I was sitting at home one weekend and trying to think of a building project when I thought I should build a model of our lab. I included as much detail as I could.

Highlights include:
-balance and sample jars
-chemicals on shelf
-spinning stir plate
-aluminum foil recycling box
-solvent cabinet
-round bottoms
-2 analysts (chemists)

For milestones I will post a link to a photo of part of my lab after each 1000 supporters. Thanks for the support and I look forward to your comments.


Here is a top view of the lab.

Chemicals, round bottoms, sample jars and even a coffee mug.

Solvent cabinet opens!

Now also comes with your very own Roto-vap!

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