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Archaeologist's Dream Dig

Join our archaeologist on the greatest dig site he could ever dream of!
An ancient temple full of secrets, traps and treasure lies ahead.

Will he find the pharaoh's remains or will he fall under the spell of Anubis's statue?
But first of all, how will he get in through all the rubble? Maybe some secret access from above. Maybe a trap door causing a rock slide.
The dig site has everything an archaeologist thrives on:
  • Local flora and fauna including a deadly scorpion, an ibis, the remains of a dinosaur and its nest as well as those of a former colleague.
  • A fully equipped camp including a camera and notebook to document his historic finds, pickaxe, shovel, and most importantly, shade.
  • The ruins of a column-lined road leading to the temple.
  • An ancient undiscovered temple, with its hidden treasures (sceptre, idol, and the pharaoh's sarcophagus.)

The set contains:
  • The archaeologist and two skeletons.
  • 4 hidden compartments to discover.
  • Hieroglyph-printed bricks.
  • A fully functioning trap-door mechanism on the roof.
  • Removable ornamented-roof and rubble pile to give better access.

This set which is built on a 32x32 baseplate can be used for displaying or to play with.

Hope you enjoy it and support it!
Thank you.

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