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Urban Park 2.0


Welcome to the Urban Park 2.0!

Escape the city noise and get some fresh air in the Urban Park! Enjoy the peacefulness of nature by having a picnic and watching some birds. Or meet the famous adventurer who got honored with a statue. If you want some entertainment, then listen to the One-Man-Band, play a game of chess or try your luck with fishing, even though there are more old hats in the pond than fish. Additionally the many trees offer a great climbing abbility but you should make sure the branches hold your weight.

With this set you can give your hardworking minifigures a break. Explore all the different activities and enhance your city by a piece of nature.


About the set

This is my new and improved version of my first Idea the 'Urban Park'. It now measures 48x48 studs and about 2600 pieces wer used to build it. Including the statue this set contains 8 minifigures, an owl, a hedgehog, a squirrel, a poodle and 4 brick build birds. There are a specific number of frogs hidden in this set, let's see if you can spot them all!

I tried to build the trees very stable since I experienced that the leave pieces generally don‘t stick that good. One branch of the center tree can be articulated so you can pretend th branch can't hold the weight of the minifigure and the minifigure falls into the river. Because I used Lego Digital Designer I unfortunetley couldn‘t put a print on the guitar and I didn‘t have the right piece for a fishing line.


My love for nature and especially parks inspired me to build this set. I often visit them to get inspired to build something like this.

I think the set would be a great extension for every lego city and would work great in combination with the modular buildings. It offers many different features to play with and it could also be used as a display piece due to its detail.


If you like the design and wish to add this park to your city, click on the blue button and support me!

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