Product Idea

Nomadic Scavenger City on Wheels

In an apocalyptic world, nomadic skavengers assemble remains of technology to monstruous, city-like machines. It is a fight for survival.

This is basicly a city on wheels, it has cannons, It has a ramp that can go up and down allowing it to bring things from the floor into the collection area or bring speeders to the docking station. It has a storage area filled with containers, it has a green area where they grow their food, there is a turret up top for any air attacks, it also has a command center. This city on wheels has lots of people operating and working on it. At the bottom it has a small man operated gun and some space to put minifugures. Overall there is lots of space for troops or fighters etc to stand on the vehicle. 

The reason i made this thing was because i would like Lego to have some apocalyptic sets, like this vehicle for example as i found the idea to be interesting and unique. I think that this set would be a very fun play set due to it's many features and it’s unique look.