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Motorcycle Public Meter Police with Police Building


Here is my idea for Lego's. It is called Motorcycle Public Parking Meters with Police Building. This set comes with three roads, a watch your speed sign, a stop sign, five police motorcycles, two money boxes, 4 parking meters with credit/receipt printers, 4 meters, 4 bases, a dotted line, three money, a check book, a credit card, 6 police officers, police building with door,  roof, sign, scanner, security cameras. computer, walkie talkies, and telephone. I built thi set today. Lego does not make any parking meters for any of the Lego City sets. It was easy to make. Please feel free to vote for this set and lets make this set a reality. Please feel free to tell your friends to vote for Motorcycle Public Parking Meters With Police Building. Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your day!

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