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Tiny Coffee Truck - Three Wheeler Food Truck

First of all, thank you for watching this project.

This is a very small coffee truck.

The base model of this car was inspired by the Piaggio Ape. The vehicle, made in the 1950s, was developed in Italy and has long been loved by many people. I think this LEGO car, which got its motif from the Piaggio Ape, will go well with many other buildings in the LEGO series, such as the Imperial Department Store, to decorate the modern streets. There are only three wheels on an amazingly small body, with ratios and designs specific to the LEGO series. There is only one headlight in the front and two red lamps in the rear provide a good representation of reality.

It is very, very small, but there are two spaces for mini figures to sit on. It usually closes the luggage compartment and moves around, and It can turn into a cute cafe if you open the luggage compartment. This amazing cafe is well equipped with props. First, there is a well-designed coffee machine on the wall, so you can always make and drink new coffee. Then, put the coffee in a cup in the coffee pot and serve it to the customers. And the simple sign in front of the store collects customers and guides them through the price.

I can't help but explain the cute size of this car again. As you can see in the last picture, it's similar in size to the Lego series' 3177 compact, but like that compact car, the mini figure can sit in the driver's seat and boasts a lot of props and space. The exterior is similar to the color of coffee, so it has a neat color match reminiscent of a warm cafe. But if it's not brown, you can decorate it with whatever color you want. The important thing is that the front ride space and the luggage composition can be different, so the cute size can be highlighted.

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