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Traditional Japanese Village

Hello guys!
I'm happy to present you my new MOC. It represents a traditional japanese village that includes two groups of houses separated by a water canal. The separated blocks are connected by two bridges (a stone bridge and a wooden bridge). You can also find a small dock on each side of the diorama. The first house on the right is the florist house, you can see her with a watering can standing in front of the door; on the upper floor of the house there are a samurai's armour and a katana in display. On the other side of the stone bridge you can find a restaurant; the special dish of the house is crab, as you can see there is a big crab sign on the roof that tries to attract people walking in the surroundings. On the upper floor a maiko is preparing the tea. Alongside the crab restaurant you find a small dojo where an apprentice is making some training. A boat carrying some vegetables is floating on the sea channel.

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