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Diesel Dually Heavy Duty Armored 18 Wheeler Semi Truck and Trailer


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This is a one of a kind authentic Dually tractor trailer setup. It was made to look realistic and carry slightly larger than average cargo, with its 7 bricks wide and 40 bricks long trailer. The trailer is really heavy, it only makes sense that a big rig like this one should pull it! None the less, if you’d rather travel light, go ahead and remove both the box on the trailer and the sleeper can on the truck. With its unique design, the builder can custom create his or her own flat bed or log loader, or any other kind of trailer on the frame! What’s in the trailer you ask? Well, that’s up to you! If you want this to be a complete set, I’m going to need some cargo ideas.
This would make an awesome LEGO set being that it looks so real and can accompany any other LEGO city type builds. Just try not to get stuck in traffic..
(Blue semi not included! For size comparison only)

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