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Working Knight Joust

Who will win the tournament and receive from the Queen's hand the rose as a token of valor?
With this working joust, you can ride the horses to an epic clash and, once one knight gets unhorsed, reveal the real champion!
The mechanism that works the joust is hidden under the grass and can be reached by a lever. On the raised platform there is the track for the horses, two tents of the knights, and a wooden building from which the King, the Queen, noblemen, and peasants can enjoy the show.
This set comes with 934 pieces and 12 Minifigures:
-the King and the Queen
-two guards
-the green-and-white knight with his squire
-the blue-and-yellow knight with his squire
-a noblewoman
-the fool
-a priest
-a sellsword.

Hope you like it:)

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