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The Lego Picture Frame featuring Batman vs Superman


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Hello and welcome to my next project:

The Lego Picture Frame featuring Batman versus Superman

This Set is the fourth Set of the Lego Picture Frame
I made different themes with this frame.

The Main Idea:
Buy a "Themed" Frame and if you want you can customise it later.
I will realase all my Sets within the Lego Ideas later.
The Frame is openable so you can put your own 10x15 Picture in it.

This Frame would contain some characters of the upcoming Movie: Batman vs Superman:
Wonder Woman
Lois Lane
Lex Luthor
Commissioner Gordon
The Bat Signal!

ALSO there would be Clark Kent with a Selfie-Stick!

(Maybe Lego could add the Joker with the Selfie-Stick. Yes, I know he would not be in the movie. But I love the character)


And there will be some special Items for the Frame like Logos..

Hope you like it and please look at my other Sets and Frames

There will be more Frames ;o)
What would you like see?

Thanks for Supporting


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